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Easy Card Trick Levitation

This is a very impressive card levitation magic stunt to try. As you can see it looks very convincing but is quite a simple routine to learn.

The next photo shows how you can vary your hand position to show the floating card.


The card is now seen floating below the hand.

How do you do that !!

Here we can see the same beginner trick from another angle. Stick with us and we will soon let you know how to perform this crazy card stunt.



Two hands are used to grab the card out of the air.

Try Two Hands For The Finale

You can finish this simple card trick by using your two cards to envelope the card and finally grab it out of thin air. Eh voila ! You're done and have made a start in the exciting world of card magic.



Here are the items needed to do the trick.

Learn How It's Done

This cool conjuring stunt requires only a few basic items, You will need some clear adhesive tape, a pair of scissors and a playing card.



card is seen to be stuck to the thumb.

So How Do I Do The Trick ?

You simply cut off a small piece of the adhesive tape and attach the two ends to each other to make a sticky loop. Attach the sticky loop to the back of a playing card and then press your thumb on to the tape.

The playing card will now be stuck to the end of your thumb.

Practice angles and hand positions so that your audience do not see the side of the card that your thumb is stuck to.

With a little improvisation you can use this method to perform an entertaining routine. It looks best when you keep your hands move slowly to increase the illusion that the card is floating.

The same technique could be used to perform an impressive trick with a paper or polysterene cup.

This trick is just one example of many easy to learn card tricks that will be added to this site in the near future. Most of the magic tutorials will be accompanied by photos or videos where it is felt that these will help with the descriptions of the card trick. lessons. Bookmark this site and call back regularly to see the updated tricks.

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